Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day No

So, my brother-in-law says not posting is the death of a blog. Hmfph. I do have several good excuses...

First, we moved. Not to the house. I have condemned the kitchen. We've made a temporary move to an apartment b/c our lease was up.

Second, with the new apartment, we got a new cat. Combo deal. Trust me, given the whole story it makes sense. Mostly.

Third, the new apartment does not have internet access. Philly wireless, which is kinda/sorta supposed to cover the whole city doesn't. And the network with the strongest signal, "Thai Family", is secured. I blame the new cat.

And finally, throughout this whole ordeal, they expect me to work. Oh, the horror.

Will for reals post soon. I have pics. I have it written. Just need to bend new cat's ears just so, and I'll for sure get a wireless signal. Old cat is working on cracking Thai Family's code.

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