Friday, July 22, 2011

Fully Functional Day

New card reader up and running! Reeeeee-joice.

The house. 

The m-effin’ house.   

I’d love to say we’ve been going gangbusters, but, much of the reason we hadn’t been blogging is the same reason we hadn’t been renovating. Life gets in the way.

Job did have an epic project of combating Bubbs’ (the catface) peeing in the basement. 

Job’s winning. 

For now. 

I swear that cat is smart. Like creepy smart. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but she’ll give you dirty looks. Actual stink eye. And after we put the window AC units in – cuz we’re fancy here in Philly – she kept trying to look out the AC unit window. Finally I said – like said - out loudspeaking to the cat – “Bubbs, just go the other window”. 

And. She. Did.

Other than that, he’s been hard at work on the downstairs half bath. If you’ll recall, it used to be this:
Ok, not quite that bad, but a terrifying funk of a room. A BATHroom in every sense of the word. B/C why not have a bathtub/shower and commode. 

Off the dining room. 

Without a sink. 

Job always tried to offer that you could wash your hands in the tub. Stink eye to him.

 But here’s some of the half-bath progress shots. 

(I heart progress.)

It’s lovely. Black & white and lovely all over. 

Shout out to the D.A.D. for kick starting the project and getting a huge amount of work done.

Please though, direct your attention to the super interesting heating feature...
The room has no radiator of its’ own. It’s small. (Too small for a friggin’ bathtub.) So, it makes sense to not have a radiator. But it does have radiant heat pipes that run through it in one of the first breaks from the boiler. 

These things get seriously hot. Soooo, I had the brilliant idea of allowing the heat to radiate into the room with the fancy grate idea pictured above. 

Job may have executed it in such a neat fashion, but, really, it’s the idea generator that receives all the glory. 

Especially when the idea generator is also the blog writer. 

And especially, especially when the idea generator is me.  After all, I’m known the world over for my brilliant ideas, not my humility.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

H. O. T. Day

The good news is I bought a new card reader yesterday.

The bad news is it's too hot to use it. Seriously. It's soooooo hot new purchases don't even work.

And I'm an old purchase. I def don't work.

Soon tho. Stay cool blogosphere.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Failure Day

Well, I would absolutely loooovvve to post today but I cannot find the cord thing-y to download pics from my camera. So...

I'm gonna work on either recreating the pictures thru drawings or just describing them really, really well.

But big news. We now have 1 and 1/2 baths. And the half is intentional. Not just 1/2 way done but fully done w. a commode and sink! Well, not "fully" done but all the main bathroom-y bits are working. It's glorious.

And contractors start tomorrow. Hired persons to give us a kitchen. Money is awe$ome.

I can leave you with the "model" for our kitchen design.