Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Up day/ Down day

So, they say there’s an upside to everything. Seems to mean there’s also a downside to everything. I’ve really been playing the spread this week.  
The past two weeks I’ve had two 3-day stretches off from work. The only upside to being a nurse. So, I’ve been working on house stuff alone. Sometimes it’s really nice to work alone.  

I can listen to whatever I want on Pandora. So I listen to pop music. Really loudly. Don’t tell the Notorious but right now my station is set to Ashlee Simpson. It’s awful and wonderful. Upside.  

But then stupid Pandora thinks I’ve stopped listening and stops. Sans Notorious I can’t bring myself to trudge upstairs each time so the house falls silent. Surprisingly silent. Downside. Today the dryer buzzer went off 11 times. Like consecutively. That got me to trudge downstairs thinking there was surely some kind of laundry emergency. The emergency was dry towels.  

I finished off the living room walls. And I made the executive decision to leave this gem intact for now. Upside.  

And then there’s the floors. I was all gung ho to start over the weekend. And then I fell in a hole.
 Not this one. She drops her toys thru to the basement and then stares at them. I just think it’s cute.  

This nasty one.  

Right leg in the basement, rest of my body upstairs. Thankfully. The saw is there in the pics b/c Notorious was bringin’ the fix.

The holes have been there since move in, covered in some manner. Me falling thru really lit the fire. And yes, my leg really hurts. I had just switched from shorts to pants when I dropped. Thankfully.  

I have started now tho.  

So, if you recall the previous post….  

…I think I’m well on my way.  

I would however totally trade my cats for the ones in the above pic. Mine “help” by sitting right where I’m trying to work, batting my supplies around, and shedding at will on wet paint.

It’s a shocking amount of work to do alone. And crazy physically abusive. Like everything hurts. Downside. Granted the hole incident meant I was starting physically, well, in the hole.  

Hands on hardwood also means I compressed my ulnar nerve in my left palm. My pinky and ring finger are all numb and tingly. Plus, I can’t bring all of my fingers together. I can make a fist but I can’t cup my hand. Imagine being in the shower, shaking down your shampoo, making a little cup out of your left hand to squeeze into and then the shampoo running right out between your last two fingers cuz they’re not touching the others. Downside. Serious downside if it doesn't resolve. 

Man. I really miss my main squeeze. For all of the reasons above, but most of all b/c what the eff is the deal with square pencils? They’re so impractical. First off, they’re square. And second, being square they are really hard to sharpen. You have to use a knife. And I really can’t take any more injury this week. 

A meek left-handed wave and I limp away, 

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