Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The Finisher is BACK IN ACTION.  

Down but not out bitches. Down but not out. I’ve been slow playing my awesome abilities waiting for the Notorious to finish the bathroom. But lately comrades, I’ve had to face some hard truths.  

Truth #1  
I cannot take it anymore.  

Truth #2
I suck at all things home improvement.  

BUT, I am in some ultraparadoxical home-iverse where I cannot make things worse. Complete lack of skill completely doesn’t matter. Anything I do will be an improvement. It’s freeing.  

And “suck” might be a little harsh. I just know practically nothing. Today I received a chastising for not oiling a spackle knife after using it. Plus, I just had to use Google to find out it’s called a “spackle knife”.  


And “chastising” might be harsh, he might have just told me that’s what you’re supposed to do.   

Truth #3  

If you've ever wondered aloud “is there anything sadder than a wall requiring two coats of primer”, there is.  

So, I’ve begun making the living room livable. Current state (tho I do weight the scales with the absolute worst of the worst pics) shown above. I’m scraping, spackling, priming and painting. It’s an interim solution. But the super awesome thing about interim is that you get to decorate twice.  

Ultimate plan is we start with something like this:  

And eventually have something like this:

Interim also means I get to paint the floors! Which I am super hype about. And, just as dream killer Notorious was bursting my floor-painting bubble with warnings of cat fur I found the picture above. Two cats. And a design I will totally copy. In your face Notorious. Should’ve taken aim at the fact that I have zero artistic talent to ever free hand even the stencil. 

But I can free hand this...

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