Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vacation Day

So. Where have you been? No seriously. It’s been weeks. Where have you been? This is totally on you. Not us….  

We (meaning me) took an intentional hiatus from posting. Mostly to reflect the hiatus that’s been taken on doing. We (meaning the Notorious) hasn’t been without productivity. It’s just been consumed with totally boring things like getting quotes on stucco repair. 

Before indoor renovations can advance, outdoor “tightness” must be achieved.

I know, right? Can you think of anything more boring than stucco? Welcome to my world, where we talk about it. A lot. Getting quotes means we invite multiple different people over to talk about it with us in person. At length. After we’ve already talked about it – at length – over the telephone.  

I get it though. The kitchen wall (opposite the sucko) has been leaking, like, forever. 
 In the world according to P-Ho, it’s nothing a little duct tape won’t fix. Emphasis on the “little”.

Chalk me up as a p-Ho supporter on this ‘un. Stucco is crazy expensive. Like windows but even less fun to select/purchase (which we did). This is the side of our house people. It’s like pedicures in the winter. I say… 

* Gets up, walks around, stretches *  

Woo. Gotta shake it off. Was getting sucked into the stucco hole. Is what I imagine being beset upon by a Dementor is like. Well, if they were real.  

The stucco hole is real.  

Speaking of Harry Potter. We also took a for-reals hiatus to sunny Florida. I would mention something about how stinking hot FLA is if it weren’t for the fact that Philly has been 100+ for days. And as of yesterday, the AC in my car is not working. I had a meltdown (both literally and figuratively) on the road. If you’re uncomfortable in your home, can you imagine the tragedy of now being uncomfortable in your car as well? The Notorious tried to talk me down with kindness and reason. I told him, and I quote, “You’re attempts to placate me only make me more angry.” Wasn’t very nice. I was mad with heat.  

Back to FLA. So, we have been O.O.T. for a bit. Went to hang out with the fam. Was a much needed break from the oppression of home.  

Speaking of the oppression of home. Here’s the latest pics of the bathroom.  

Notorious and Tattoo put in a new window and started to finish the walls. Which circles back to “tightness”. We got a formidable amount of rain in Philly. The new ceiling got wet along the tape lines. We knew it was coming, but now we need to get roof quotes as well.

* Sad face *  

I know there was much hype about The Finisher. But I’m on hiatus on account of a broken spirit. Really it was one of those title only positions anyway. I’ve dedicated my time to much more advantageous goings-on. Just today I have entered:  

  • DIY Network’s Worst Kitchen in America Sweepstakes  
  • Dwell Magazine’s “Room for Improvement” Living Room Sweepstakes  
  • This Old House “Outdoor Oasis” Sweepstakes
  • HGTV’s “Fix and Flip” 150K Complete Home Makeover Contest  
Am pretty sure that last one is a scam. Lot of links followed. Lot of windows opened. Desperate times. Desperate measures. 

The Finisher
Sah-weep-stakes E.

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