Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Slow News Day

Sorry to report, but the updates have been scarce as of late. We are lackluster home owners. Only surpassed in our failure as home owners by our failure as home renovators.

We have been pricing window replacements.
We have 18 to 19 windows in total. For sure, 15 to 16 need replaced.

Of the total, 18 to 19 windows in the house...

2 Won’t open at all

Of the windows that do open…    

4 actually have a screen and can be left open

11 Stay open without intervention (tho open w/o a screen = ghost Bubbs) 

Conversely - those that open but will not stay open

 And my personal fave, the window that won't close.

Often it seems a window was purchased and made to fit an entirely different, non-fitting window opening by using a bunch of junk to wedge.
Admittedly trashy, but overall a can-do attitude to home renovation I can actually appreciate. Done is done people.

Anyone wondering how the total no. of windows can be a range? I mean, we either have 18 OR 19 windows, right? Recall the whack brick wall erected over ½ the patio door.
Think about it. A person that would do something that weird doesn't stop there. The inappropriate covering of natural lite sources would extend thru the home. 
Tho qualifying as weird, ignore the cat. This single window is in fact a double. A side-by-side made into an off-center side-by-hide. You can make out the outline of what once was. From the outside, what was once window is covered by siding. 

At least P-HO allowed for some variety in her materials choices. 

So, our current 18 windows will be returned to the original 19. Kind of. Lots of the windows have been altered throughout the years. What were once giant windows are now normal to smallish sized. We’ve had two companies out for quotes and a third coming tomorrow. I’ve quickly learned that giant windows equals giant prices. I consider myself to be a reasonable person. My windows need not be giant but they do need to open, stay open and then close again. In South Philly, this makes me an elitist.


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