Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day of Togetherness

They call me The Finisher. They being me. And now possibly, though not very likely, you. But forest thru the trees people. So, why am I known the world round as The Finisher? Cuz I get things done.

I’ve been assisting the Notorious in the bathroom re-do the past couple of days. And not to toot my own horn but the bathroom has never looked more like a bathroom.

Toot. Toot.  

I’ve admitted to having little to no home reno skills. That much hasn’t changed. Outside of being The Finisher, my role in assisting the Notorious is hard to qualify. Wait, no it’s not. I hand him things. Totally critical things tho.

See that yellow screw gun. And that green one. You’re welcome Sugar.

I also hold and carry dry wall. Build Ikea cabinetry. Question his approach and execution. And train the cats to assist as well. A Finisher is nothing without a good team backing her up.  

My Our Ikea vanity.  

Bubbs-Cheetah dry run on retrieving tools on command.

Her position on the team is probationary. She’s doing surprisingly poorly. Her lack of interest in helping complete the wall surrounding the tub was disappointing.  
While I know she enjoyed getting inside the floors, done is done Bubbs. Team Finisher finishes.

Wanna know what the Notorious does while I finish this blog post?

Mama gets things done.

(Tee hee. He doesn't know I did that.) 


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  1. Bubbs will never help...more harm, than help. And there seems to be a similarity between Mr. N and the Bubbs Bunny....constant sleep.