Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Day

Wow. It has been really hot lately. Like end of the world hot. Well, end of my world anyway. I don’t tolerate heat well. Or at all. Not even in the I’m-so-hot-all-I-can-do-is-complain sense of intolerance. Like physiologically I cannot take it. Though I do complain a lot when in the throes of a hot spell. I find repeating “Oh my god it’s so hot” kinda takes the edge off.   

So, we here at 1512 have been making summer related purchases. And by we I mean me. Friends, when it is 92 degrees outside it is 920 degrees inside and I escape to Ikea. And Lowe’s. And anywhere that is not here. I have purchased another window A/C unit. We like to think we’re riding that wave of zone cooling. And I also purchased some patio furniture, tho god knows I’m not sitting outside at it. B/C “Oh my god it’s so hot.”

The Notorious assembled our super fabulous housewarming gift from the Q’s. Who might now be blog known as the Weber’s.
But before all of this, I attempted to clean up the patio space. Each summer I have to re-learn how much I hate the heat. Quick lesson this year.

It was seriously like a jungle out there.  
I mean, this is our rose “bush”.

It blooms with the most regrettable color of flower.  

Other fun things to pick out in the pics:  
  • The random collection of old lumber courtesy of the p-ho.
  • The side wall falling in.  
  • The area directly in front of the rose BUSH(!) is a low point where dirt collects, weeds grow in the dirt, and the catfaces roll in the dirt.
  • And for those with a super keen eye, the bricks/blocks in front of the gate – see that one on the right that looks exactly like a bag of concrete got wet and then formed,well, it’s a bag of concrete that got wet and then formed. 
Here’s a reverse shot of “the glass was too clear” egress. Also a nice shot of how badly our brick needs pointing. 
And a shot of some Philadelphia wildlife.
While I was taking this pic, thinking how I’ll cleverly make some reference to Philadelphia wildlife, something caught my eye.
That’s our second floor roof, and that’s our cat on the roof. Man, I wish the roof was tin….

As previously noted, it’s been stupid hot. And this was before A/C unit 2 purchase. We’d been trying to deal with open windows. We’re not irresponsible pet owners. Well, except for allowing them to live in a construction zone and occasionally become trapped in the walls. But this window had a box fan covering most of it and a cat blocking piece of something blocking the rest. Bubbs-cheetah is the Jurassic Park of cats. She’ll systematically test the perimeter until she finds a way out. Honestly, I can’t blame her. It’s really hot inside.  

The Notorious has been working on the plumbing for the still unfinished bathroom. In his defense, plumbing is new for him. But really, at some point you no longer care why something isn’t finished, just that it’s not finished. For those who do still care, soldering has been the issue.
 He asked me today if I wanted to learn how to solder. Turns out he wasn’t kidding and actually expected a response. I responded, “No. Do you want to learn how to shop vac?” Everyone’s got a niche I suppose.

Alas, water.
Slightly more gray than one would hope, but at this point, beggars, choosers, meh.

When the Notorious was previewing the pics for this very blog post with me, he wanted to know what I was going to say about some of the them.

Notorious: "What are you going to say about this one? " 

e: "Not done."

Notorious: "What are you going to say about that one?"

e: "Not done." 

Notorious: "I should have you take a picture of me taking a bath in this so I can say that you can’t say it’s not done." 

Textbook Notorious. Makes the kind of sense that doesn’t.


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