Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day(s) Off

Heh-heh-heh-looo friends. Sorry to disappoint, but am posting absolutely no progress house-wise today. I do have several good excuses. 

Or two.

First and foremost:

The happiest 10-days known to man take precedence over most things. Work. House. Sleep. Liver. Tho think my liver might actually be asleep cuz it sure ain’t working anymore. Ba-dump-bump.

Second, the one and only brother of the Notorious was in Philly over the weekend. Bro-No got the full Philly treatment.

He also brought some stuff the Notorious had left behind in Indy when we moved. Items the Notorious had apparently really thought about and made a list of so Bro-no could bring along. A safe. A vacuum. And the thing that scares me to even take a picture of.  
The only one that really makes sense to me is the vacuum. We have a small one now and sweeping with a shop vac is getting tiresome.

We have received our home purchase credit. Which I realize isn’t an excuse for not making progress. But hooray! And, to be fair, we just received it. Ok, so it was direct deposited on Thursday but I didn’t realize it until today. Beer Week.

Our My first stimulus purchase.  

Really, really needed. 

I got my hairCUT (!!). If it were Halloween, I could win for best Hillary Swank in “Boys Don’t Cry” costume. But with the hairspray I can make it stand straight up. Then it’s Jake Ryan from “Sweet Sixteen” like a mutha.


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  1. 2 Things I agree with:

    1. That is a scary thing to take a photo of...and where the hell is it gonna go?
    2. Yea...Jake Ryan