Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Enter-vention Day

OMG y’all. Have you ever heard that saying about pulling a thread on a sweater and ending up with just a pile of yarn? Well, I pulled the thread. 

I. Pulled. The. Thread.

So, the day started off well enough. Gym. Coffee. Pedicure. I mean, that’s like 3x awesome. And somewhere between then and now, things went woefully awry.

I was thinking I’d paint the 2nd floor landing and hallway. This landing is why landings are called landings. This boy is big.

Anyhow, I washed the walls and then set to scraping. These walls defied scraping.

They’re so eff’d up. The hall even has this lovely feature that we won’t be able to keep b/c they need so much work.

This is also the hall where the stairs inexplicably so from black to white. And of course red. The red persists throughout.

And this hall has this.

Guess how many things it actually turns on/off. On zero, and I guess off three.

A harbinger covered with duct tape pulled off to reveal…

A hole. Gum (?) in the hole. And possibly the Star of David etched into the gum (?).

Dear Previous Home Owner,

Are you jewish? Cuz I really didn’t expect that. Thanks for keeping it fresh.


Then the baseboards had sooo much caulk on them that when I spent 400 hours scraping it off they were like ¼ inch away from the super shitty walls. So, what else was I supposed to do? The area was a mess and I went fugue. I went for brick.

See, we live in a rowhome. The party walls, or walls shared by other rowhomes on each side, can be exposed down to brick.

In hindsight, I should not have put a hole in the middle of such a large wall.

In my defense, there was already a hole there. Not nearly as big. And with plaster still intact but whatevs. You can see the harbinger to the left. Which, in comparison, doesn’t seem so action inspiring now.

And really, I should have stopped here. But it was very cool in the hole. Like a very pleasant A/C draft. And I was hot. And confused.
When I came to, I had exposed an entire wall in the entryway. It was a mess. Bags upon bags of mess. And the brick itself isn’t in very good condition. Which means we’ll have to just put up a new wall.

But blog friends I think we all know whose fault this really is.

He should have stopped me. But no, he scope crept up behind me and was all “look behind the curtain, look behind the curtain”. He convinced me to start tearing out the door frame. 


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