Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day of Wonder

Sometimes as I work, I wonder what the P-Ho collective would think of the changes we’ve made. While the house in its current state is questionably improved, I oft like to muse on what their reactions might be.

Like this week, I am re-purposing the booger room to no longer be a booger room. It is scrubbed, scraped, caulked, primed and painted. 
And I wonder, would she be upset? Clearly, she worked very hard on the collection. What one could only assume to be years of picking & sticking. That’s not even taking into consideration her time spent on placement. I wasn’t able to discern a pattern before taking a mulligan but then again, I wasn’t really looking for one. I’d probably just show her the yet-to-be-cleaned window pane that still bears maniacal crayon scribbling all over the glass, and am sure we’d part as friends. Though for obvious reasons, we wouldn’t shake hands.

I also sometimes wonder how horrible it must have been to paint before there were rollers.

Complications persist with the bathroom. We both wonder if it will ever end. Despite his best efforts, the room will never be square. The tub couldn’t be set evenly per se, so he had to make it equally uneven on both ends. A split the difference plumbing mentality.

And putting in the wall that will be linen closet took a staggering amount of measuring and re-measuring.

With all the challenges we’ve encountered thus far, I wondered aloud if we might qualify for a Guinness World Record for most difficult bathroom renovation. Though it’s probably not an actual category, the Notorious revealed he’s always wanted to be a world record holder. He said he’d once considered going for longest fingernail but was discouraged by the age and subsequent growing time of the current record holder.

While working in the bathroom, the Notorious occasionally makes milestone-y announcements from within. “Well, we’ve got floors” actually got me to walk over to look. When I entered he corrected the statement to “Well, subfloors at least.” IDK. Subfloor sounds like sub-complete to me. Plus, I can’t imagine this will help our campaign for world record recognition as I am sure self-created complications will be a ding against our total. Keep in mind, I am standing on the floor while taking this pic.

As for me, with each new task that I take on, I wonder aloud if I might turn out to be some undiscovered genius at said new task. Like all along I’ve been this brilliant natural at spackling but just never knew. Just this situation occurred with the booger room re-do. The walls are pretty chewed up in spots. (Possibly literally.)

I’ve been repairing them as I go with this:

The Notorious was supervising my first attempts and I began my proclamations.

E: “I am rebuilding a corner where there was none. What if I’m a genius plasterer and just never knew it?”

Notorious: “Well, you’re spackling. I feel like people that are genius at something know what it’s called.”

Hmfph. Dream killer.

Later on I wondered aloud if I might be the world’s most efficient painter. He was much more optimistic in his response. Not b/c I’m even remotely good at painting but b/c it would make me so much more useful.

The finished product for the booger room. It’s still just an interim spot, but it is indeterminably better.

 Lastly, I wonder if I could possibly love the upside down lamp shade as a light fixture any more.


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