Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What a Difference 3 Days Make

Now blog friends, the Notorious and I fancy ourselves stylish. Really in all we do. Most certainly in our home style. But have you ever seen such a glorious white-white-white room?  

I know a white room is the opposite of leaving a style mark, but it’s sooo wonderful. It’s lack of color (and filth) is mesmerizing. I could sit for hours and gaze into the abyss of white. And this photo was taken at nite. It gleams in the day. Gleams.

My fantastic sister and brother-in-law (Mr. & Mrs. Q) came out to Philly to lend 4 helping hands this week. The bedroom was the white fruit of our white labor. (Hmm, that doesn’t sound right…). We washed the walls, doors and baseboards with some very ominous looking chemicals. Then we rinsed. Then we primed the walls, doors, and baseboards. Two times. Then the Notoroius blew us out for our painting skills. Lots of times. All the while Mr. Q was patching, sanding, and righting the scary electrical wrongs. A reminder of what it was…  

And what it is.

Painting is for the birds. Walls are whack enough, but could a room have any more doors? Really, unless a room was actually just constructed entirely of doors, I don’t think it can.

In case you didn’t notice…..RIP PTG. Which BTW apparently stands for “Philly Thug Gansta” which was the brain trust of one of P-Ho’s children. Now don’t get all sassy about me starting smack with a kid-o. PTG kid gets high fives all around cuz the child living on the 2nd floor….ugh….I honestly find this hard to reveal. I mean, the level of grossness on this one is off the charts. But here we go….

The 2nd floor room we use as a TV/sit-down spot was a child’s bedroom. Shown here and here.

Now, if this child ever wondered why her friend’s didn’t want to come visit, wonder no more P-HO, jr. And it’s probably not entirely b/c your house was capital “G”-ross. Mrs. Q and I were washing the walls, doors, and baseboards in here. We were literally on opposite sides of the room when this convo broke out:

E: Man, these walls are disgusting.

Q: They’re really hard to clean.

E: Is that? Are those….BOOGERS ALL OVER THE WALL?

Q: I think it is. Boogers. I think they get higher on the wall as she got older?!?!

[Chorus of yells for Mr. Q and the Notorious to share the news]

How does one prepare visitors for something of this caliber? The house as a whole is enough to take on its’ own. Boogers just add insult to injury.

The painting is all just a stop gap til major renovations get greenlit. For the time being, we need a couple of palette cleansing rooms. Obviously.

Big shout out to the Q’s for coming out. Many, many thanks.


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