Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day Ew

After a couple of days of real work, we were back at the mansion today. Ah, what to say about today? 13 hours of ew, ew, and more ew. I think the day, as a whole, can best be summed up by a direct quote:

"Termindor is considered the gold standard of termicidals." 

Blarg, did I ruin the surprise? Well, SURPRISE we have termites. And lots of other icky, icky things. Here's another Day Ew fact. Cockroaches make their home in refrigerator door handles. Neat, huh? A good 6 hrs of my day was dedicated to cleaning said refrigerator. Check out the before:

And the after in still a work in progress. Which brings me to a new blog addition. A section I assume will continue for quite some time....

Dear Previous Homeowner,
Re: Are You Fridggin' Kidding Me?

So, I'm just dying to know. Did you purchase the fridge already filthy? B/C it doesn't seem that old. I simply cannot imagine how so much filth could accumulate in anything short of 800 yrs. Was your food dirty? Do you blame the preservatives, hormones, pesticides, etc. that we're all concerned about in our diet? Please advise.

E and The Notorious

We intend to re-do the whole kitchen, but given that the floodgates of donations just aren't pouring in (yet), some things will have to be made livable for now. We did begin tearing some truly hideous and/or disgusting items out of the kitchen today. All of which made the critters very angry and mobile.

The Notorious puts on a brave front for me. He shows no fear in the face of the ensuing onslaught occurring when cabinetry is removed. But I know he's scared. Me and the bugs can smell fear. 

All in all it was a good day. I realize I am developing a shifting interpretation of "better". It's a continuum really. After today, I left thinking "man, this place looks better". Maybe my standards are shifting...I did use the bathroom today. Plus, The Notorious ended the day on a high note. He found a working and variable speed orbital sander, with extra pads. Outside of the "sander" part I really have no idea what this truly means, but he was super happy. Oh, that and a really long extension cord. And an 8-ft ladder. And a Khymer to English dictionary.

And what do you mean the kitchen is hot pink? Surely I would have noticed something like that...


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  1. I'm glad you broke the seal...and used the bathroom! CHEERS!