Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day Oh - me say day, me say day

Ah, friends, it has been a rough couple of days. But one mini-meltdown, four trips to Lowe’s and a broken dental filling later, and we just might meet the end of this weekend with success. Well, as much success as one can enjoy while chewing food only on the right side.

The folks came out to join the fun. Parents are fantastic that way. I think they’re in shock.

The bath demo is cruising along at a surprisingly slow not-even-remotely-cruise-y pace. The blue tile struck back. Eight inches of concrete secures the tile to the wall. Ok, maybe not eight inches, but it is thick. And resilient. Concrete is serious. They should make more things out of concrete, you know for safety. Like cars. It’s nearly indestructible. Check it - the saw my dad is wielding was throwing sparks.

Speaking of indestructible, the cast iron tub (also blue) is out. In true Philly form, a random guy was trolling the hood in his junk trunk and took it away. Despite my dad’s warning, I don’t think the Notorious believed a tub could be that heavy. They had to sledgehammer and then take it down in still really heavy pieces.

Look at how much ish is on this dude’s truck? There is a fridge on his back gate. That’s how full that boy is.

Good news is, one of the fridges on there is our filth cooler. New one was delivered today. I Frigidaire you to tell me something more awesome than that. And a special shout out to any Hoosiers reading this. What’s more vintage? A cast iron tub OR my dad’s Galyan’s tee.

So, I cannot personally attest to the true weight of a cast iron tub. It’s heavy enough they wouldn’t even let me try to help. I have used a cast iron pan though. I'm sure it’s totally comparable. I’ll just stick with what works…the tub was heavier than eight inches of concrete is thick.

I tried my hand at demo work under the tutelage of the Notorious. Ceiling, not walls. It was a lot of contact, pull, duck for cover. Apparently not a very efficient method, but am sure I looked super cool while doing it. I had to give it up though after the Notorious warned against touching the knob and tube wiring electrical relic tucked in the ceiling boards. You know, I took stock of the metal crow bar in one hand and the metal hammer in the other and peaced out on bathroom demo.

My forte, it would seem, is pulling up crap flooring. And countersinking nails. And looking super cool while doing it.

More on the crap flooring some other time. Mama’s tired.


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