Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day Fun

Hello all. So, this blog is intended to track our progress, or lack thereof, on a complete home renovation in South Philadelphia. "Complete" doesn't even really touch the ballooning scope of this bad boy. Total? Full? Exhaustive? Ah, there it is. Exhaustive. It's a brick row home, 3 floors plus a basement, and (currently) 5 bedrooms.

It's day 1 of home ownership and coincidentally day 1 of WTF have we gotten ourselves into. Day 1 of HO was not particularly productive. Mostly b/c we spent a large portion of the day waiting for the previous owners to move out. I know, right? But it's an improvement over yesterday when seconds after closing was final, when we're literally getting the keys, the owner indicates she has more copies of the keys but her children are on their way home from school and will need the keys to get in to (now) OUR house. The idea that the home was no longer hers was unbelievably hard to explain. Don't misunderstand, she wanted to sell the home. It was just the transition of ownership that was lost in translation. Realtors and all had to return to the home to ensure all family members would vacate. Thankfully we had already purchased new doorknobs/locks and installed them immediately. I should have swept the home for kids before locking the door though. Always anticipate the trojan horse move. Whatevs. It all kind of worked out.

On day 1, I did however learn that cockroaches like to live in curtain rods. Ew. Yuk. Ew. See, I am really not kidding with that exhaustive rehab thing. Did you take a close look at the front of house pic? Did you notice the address marker?

Classy. I won't even use the restroom at the house. Partially b/c it skeeves me out and partially b/c I'm just uppity when it comes to bathrooms. TBD how that will shake out when we're for real living in the place.

Anyway, more to come. Follow us. Comment. Suggest. Taunt. Donate. Here's a peek inside...brace yourself for RED stairs. The pic doesn't convey the RED as RED as it is. It's like they're angry at you.


  1. and it's just begun :) but it will be worth it in the end...just keep saying this no matter what...wash, rinse, repeat. Enjoy.