Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The Notorious is back in action.

So, will the bathroom be serviceable before move-in? TBD friends. TBD. I wish I had some skill, and perhaps I will acquire more (or some at all) as we progress. Currently my home renovation skills consist of hiring someone else to do the work. The Notorious does not hire.

Here is what I have been doing...

Most of our belongings have been moved in to the house. (By us. Not movers. See above: The Notorious does not hire.) And we have an appalling amount of stuff. So, I have been busy sussing out all the belongings to their temporary storage locations. In short, I climb stairs. Lots and lots of angry red stairs.

For example, the interim closet:

Used to be a 2nd floor kitchen. And probably originally a bedroom.

Little known Philadelphia home factoid. Homeowners used to be assessed property taxes based on the size of their closets. So, lots of homes, ours included, has zero-depth closets. Maybe not zero, but I've no idea how else to convey the shallowness with words. They don't even have hanging bars cuz hangers won't fit. I've tried with pics, but all I had was chapstick for reference.

So, when your closets are 3 chapsticks wide. Turning a room into a closet totally makes sense. And for people with as much clothing, shoes, etc. as the Notorious and I (Oh yeah, he's almost as bad as I am.) harbor, it might just make permanent sense. I heart giant-room closets. 

Dear Previous Homeowner:
Hey HO. Because the Notorious and I are from the Midwest, and as such, super courteous, we saved this for you.

It's remarkable that a room can have so many uses, right? An awesome giant-room closet. Shitty 2nd floor kitchen. Bedroom. Phonebook. 

Take care. And give our best to Malik and Wahyu.

e. and the Notorious

Given that today is my birthday, let's review things that are older than me.

See if you can figure out what's old about this pic. Try not to be distracted by the rotting light fixture.

Word people. That's an old school gas light fixture pegging down from the ceiling.

Also, with the return to bathroom demo, the Notorious found an interesting (his opinion) and gross (my opinion) collection (?) of stuff in the walls. Probably an interesting and gross attempt at insulation.

Lots of tags from N. Snellebburg & Co. too. The Notorious promptly googled all the identifiable items. And promptly told me about quality of milk, New Jersey, clothing makers, dates, zzzzzzz....



  1. Thanks for the pic - I had lost Malik's number. (It washed off my arm in the shower!)
    Joan told me about your blog - good stuff!
    -Uncle Tag

  2. Welcome to the b-log. Super glad to have you following. Consider composing a jaunty, whimsical theme song for us. There's a pretty good chance this whole experience will be made into a musical at some point.