Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Day

Dear Previous HO, Congratulations! As was previously believed, your concept of beauty is not non-existent. Though clearly only a negligible amount exists, it does in fact exist. Hurrah for you! A lovely spring surprise sprung in the back “yard” whilst we were away.

Yes, P-HO, I did photograph this from inside. Yes, through the sliding glass doors. The sliding glass doors that do not do anything remotely close to sliding. And P-HO, while I complement you at the start, you do not finish well b/c when the non-sliding glass doors are taken as a whole, well, I don’t see how you can come back from this one.

You are one very tiny, very crazy lady. Why cover one side with brick? Was it structural? Were you left with no choice? Of course not. Tell them P-HO. Tell them what you told us when we asked just these questions at closing.

“The glass was too clear.”

Nuff said.

Shaking our heads in united disbelief,

e. and the Notorious

Since our inception as a couple, I’ve told the Notorious that he is one my favorite people I’ve ever met. Our inception was long ago, and that makes for a long run on a short list. But recently he's been put to probationary status. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking it’s b/c of the slow progress (?) we’ve been making on the house. Not so. The Notorious is seriously hard working. He is a hard worker. Once I played a drinking game while watching a Gore-Bush presidential debate, and we had to drink each time the B said “hard work”. (Or “flip flop”.) if that game were about the Notorious, we’d all be knee-walking drunk right now. In fact, here is why his status as one of my faves is in peril:

I have fully owned up to my total lack of construction skill and/or know-how, BUT I cannot fathom why allowing 98% of the debris from an entire torn-out room to fall in the hole that was once the tub is a good plan. Especially so if you’re the one cleaning out the debris. Or flip-flop that. Maybe it is a brilliant plan if you’re not the one cleaning out the debris. But how could he have known that I would be the one doing the cleaning blog friends? Or maybe he totally knew. Touché Notorious. Touché. An evil and, might I say, remarkably well executed plan. And there are few things I like more in this world than a well executed plan. Commanding such respect this would have earned him full re-instatement on the list had he not taunted me today with a sly smile and this: “I can’t wait to see you hold up drywall”. Evil.

Every cloud does have a silver lining tho. B/C I was the one cleaning out the tub/hole, I got to make the newest and most awesome weird stuff found in our house discovery.
Was someone for reals eating corn on the cob while bathing? Trying to figure out another reason for the why and the how makes my head spin.

Post tub/hole duty on Thursday, I set to work on the 3rd floor flooring. And yes, you do access the 3rd floor via yet even more RED stairs.
But just look at the reward that awaits that vengeful climb.

Ahh. And just think, we’re going to put in a rooftop deck! I will admit this is the backdrop view. The frontdrop view in not quite so ahh.

It's an Indonesian restaurant. But the food is delicious. So, mmm.

Anyways, BFF (blog friends 4-ever), I’ll leave you with some before and after shots of the 3rd floor front room and it’s possibly salvageable floors!!


If you’re wondering about the crookedy, broken window, that’s South Philly air conditioning people. Get hip. And if you’re wondering about the “PTG” on the wall, I’ve no idea. Guesses are welcome. Or should I say Please Try Guessing, tho there's about a 67% chance the "G" probably stands for gun. So, give it a shot.

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