Saturday, April 10, 2010

Judgment Day

Well blog homeys, super bummer civics update:

The Notorious has been selected for jury duty. He’s actually seated on a trial. Seated on a trial that meets every stinking day. Then he works at nite. So, that leaves us with an untouched bathroom. Untouched might denote pristine. Pristine your eyes on this…

Though, the pipes and fixtures are copper, and apparently copper is all amazing and valuable and flexible. So, maybe copper is so super awesome we can stand in the hole and still take a shower.

13 days to move in. Major setback.

Normally, I’d say I’m in favor of due process. Really, before this week, I can’t say I gave it much thought. But now, I say “boo” process. On the bright side, the total halt that is boo process has given us such housing gems as the Toilet Room.

Used to be known as future guest bedroom. Now, it’s commonly referred to as the Toilet Room. Just to note, that is the old commode. The old commode whose flushing mechanism was held in place with a rubber band. On the bright side, found a rubber band.

Tear out is still mid-process. And remember how the tile was affixed to all walls with a shocking amount of concrete. Well, check it, concrete proof of, well, concrete.


The only way to end this post on an up note. Kittens.

OG catface.


New catface.


e. and the Notorious (and Lemon and Bubbs)

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